Minting Metaverse Magic IRL

We're an on-chain Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that specializes in live NFT minting experiences. Ownership of a CryptoCitizen NFT grants membership in the DAO, and every member has

  • Equal Rights
  • Equal Say
  • Equal Footing


October 31

Aped NYC Exhibition and Halloween Party

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November 18 -19

Jeff Davis: Reflections, 100 IRL Mints

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December 9-12

Tyler Hobbs, Incomplete Control, 100 IRL Mints

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Meet the CryptoCitizens

Welcome to the world of the CryptoCitizens! We’re a growing global family of NFTs whose owners get membership in the Bright Moments DAO. What makes us magic, you ask? We’re minted IRL in our hometowns by real people - some are new to crypto, some are serious collectors, and everyone's welcome. Watch for us to pop up in a city near you!

Why join the DAO?

  • Get equal governance, access, and say in the leading community combining digital art and IRL experiences
  • Have a chance at securing live minting reservations at our galleries
  • Own a dope digital art collectible minted live in one of the world’s top cities

You can get your own CryptoCitizen on the secondary market on OpenSea or by purchasing a Golden Token CryptoNewYorkers NFT for a guaranteed minting reservation in New York. Our next city collection, CryptoBerliners, is coming in Spring 2022.

Stay Connected

We'll be making announcements and providing live updates on drops in Discord.